Our flagship product

A radical pricing decision support system, designed to tackle the complex legacy problems faced by pricing analysts.

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FlyNava technologies partners with Emirates to enhance the automation of their pricing distribution

The key objective of this partnership is to improve efficiency within Pricing distribution functions. Including automation of these functions to contain costs and to minimize the complexities of filing fares.

Our core products



Jupiter is a pricing decision support system for airlines. We’ve made it simple, digital, and quick. With Jupiter, pricing decisions can be taken in as fast as just 3 clicks.


ASMI (Airline Strategic Marketing Intelligence)

To provide competitor air travel data that empowers airlines to make effective pricing decisions and to have a seamless mechanism for the competitor's information database so that revenue management, Booking Engine and all sources can leverage.


E-Commerce Development Services

We provide retail companies, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers with our expertise in information technology and ecommerce development. We strive to make our ecommerce development solutions catch and technically impeccable.

Our flagship product

Jupiter - airline pricing decision support

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